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Born 1962 in UK.


Steve began playing piano at the age of four, thanks to a professional musician father. He started playing in school bands in 1974 through until leaving school in 1979. He played with several bands in the early 80's including one in France in 1983 and 3 years with "indigo Listen' until 1986.

Released first single in 1985 which received much appraisal from the press and was featured on the John Peel show (UK Radio 1) soon after, as well as other radio coverage.

In 1986, after performing at Glastonbury Festival, he began to concentrate on a solo career for 3 years during which time he released two solo albums and a single. He also worked with many other artists and bands during this time, most notably with Cindy Stratton who recorded her first album with Steve in 1988.

In 1989 Steve signed up with Amphonic Sound Stage in London and has been releasing music with them ever since.

In 1990 Steve resumed playing live for most of the year and then began writing music for film and TV. Steve's music has been heard in such programmes as Tomorrow's World, The Car's the Star, Open Space, NBC Sports and many more.

During the '90s he has worked on many collaborations with various people, most notably with Steve Jolliffe (ex-Tangerine Dream) producing two albums, 'Zanzi' and 'Temmenu'. The idea for 'More People Have Been To The Moon' came about in late 1994 and work began in early 1995. The project took nearly 2 years to complete and was rounded off by teaming up with ace cameraman Gavin Newman to put the cover together.

The album was released on Steve's own label 'Heliotrinox Records' in 1997 and has been selling around the world since that time.

Steve lives in Wales with Michaela and their sons Jamie and Robbie.


First visited Wookey Hole caves in 1971 as a boy but didn't try caving properly until 1980 when on a trip to Mendip. After 10 years of caving, cave diving became a required skill and in 1990 the first sumps were tackled. With little open water diving in the first few years (with the exception of a trip or two to Stoney Cove in 1992 and diving in the sea when required to access caves), cave diving was the entire focus. However, an interest in underwater archaeology and some very interesting friends are beginning to change all that in the new millennium...


Shoestring A small part in the last ever episode of the TV series starring Trevor Eve and Michael Elphick (1980)
UK Telethon featuring charity single recorded by Steve (1988)
Home Ground The history of Garth Iron Mines featuring cave diving to recover artifacts (1993)
Hearts of Gold Underwater camera work for reconstruction of caving incident for UK BBC television (1993)
Cave Diving Filming underwater explorations in Cathedral Cave, South Wales for UK HTV (1994)
A Mind To Kill 'Shadow Falls' - Safety diver and playing the part of a police diver in the film starring Philip Madoc (1998)
Weird Wales Cave diving in Dan yr Ogof cave for HTV (1999) - Broadcast August 1999
A Mind to Kill 'Box' - Safety Diver during filming - Broadcast December 1999
Casualty UK hospital drama, cave rescue storyline, BBC1, UK. Broadcast May 2001
Cave Development and Caving as a Sport The Now Channel. Broadcast June 2001
Extreme Sports:
Cave Diving in the UK
The Now Channel, Broadcast July 2001

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