moon image More people have been to the moon is the world's first cave diving related music CD. Released in 1997 by Steve Thomas, renowned for his underground and aural exploits, the album encompasses Steve's audio and personal experiences whilst exploring an underwater system in an extensive cave system in Wales, UK.

The album is the culmination of two years work, which involved many long hours in the studio and many long days underground.

The CD is in excess of 64 minutes long and contains music in various styles including ambient, dance, blues and rock. For some people's views of the album visit the Reviews page.

Caves are hostile places and do not respect hich-tech equipment and so the task of recording the natural cave sounds in digital stereo was time consuming and expensive. The task of recording the divers whilst in underwater passages (sumps/syphons) was even more interesting. How it was done is a bit of a trade secret but it did involve more than one (new) condom and a rather expensive microphone.

These sounds were mixed into synthesized sounds and some evolved to a point where they have no obvious relation to their source. Others are clearly cave sounds and cave diving sounds and throughout the album these sounds are left to themselves for a moment or two before the music begins again. The music throughout the album is varied so there is a good chance that there is something there for most people. According to correspondence received in the past four years the worldwide number one favourite with the majority of people who have the CD is the track "Mellow Pebbles."

As someone sarcastically commented when the album was released, "it's hard to be original these days!"

The album sold out within its first year of being released and was re-pressed in 1998 and again in 1999. A new pressing for 2001 in imminent.

"In an alien world, the cave diver is very vulnerable. He has lost many of the senses that he has in his normal world. Ingenuity, skill and technology keep him alive in a manner similar to astronauts. The technology has to be reliable and tough to sustain life in the cave world. There are certain parts of the cave world where it can be said that more people have been to the moon..."

The album and this website were created using Apple Macintosh computers.